With over 30 categories and more than 200 superior technology and quality products of marine electronics, we provide full coverage in the high demands and needs to everyone, professional or not, who uses marine electronics.

The expertise and know how we have developed, due to our experience and presence for many years, makes us one of the most reliable companies in marine electronics equipment.

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With more than ten years as a driving force in marine electronics, Minois Marine Electronics & Automation continues its course, providing products and services of the highest level, aiming to fulfill the needs of everyone who operates in the domain of the sea, both in professional and amateur level.

Having years of experience and excellent knowledge in our field, as well as respect for the Greek maritime tradition and love for the sea, we are giving our best every day for your convenience.

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Via, our production, video clips we provide full description and information about our activities, products and services to our clients.

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