A depth sensor does just what it says on the label, and these do so much more

It’s primary function is to measure the depth of the gear relative to the surface, while also being able to relay information about the speed of the gear through the water as the gear is lifted or allowed to sink. Combined with the sensor’s temperature function, this provides a range of data that gives the skipper the information needed to maintain.

The gear depth at its optimum level for the preferred conditions for particular species. We see the depth/temperature sensor as a time-saving tool that cuts down on time wasted with the gear at the wrong location.

It has a typical battery life of between 450 and 540 hours that can be extended depending on the power settings used. Depth and temperature information can be displayed as text, gauges or line graph.

Technical Specifications

Uplink Frequency 30 to 60 kHz
Uplink Beamwidth 70o
Range to Vessel 2500m
Depth Range 1600m
Pitch & Roll (Angle) ±90o
Pitch & Roll (Accuracy) 0.1o
Depth Resolution 0.1m with 0.1% accuracy
Update Rate Depth: 3-8 sec

Temp: 3-16 sec

Depth Range 300/600/1200/1800m
Temp Measurement Range -5oC to +25oC
Temp Accuracy ±0.1oC
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Battery Life Up to 500 hours
Charging Time Standard: 8-12 hours

Fast Charge: 4 hours

Weight in Air 5.0 kg
Weight in Water 0.9 kg
Warranty 2 years (Sensor & Battery)