The Door Sounder provides rapid, accurate information

This lightweight trawl door sounder has been developed specifically for trawlers towing demersal trawls spread with a pair of pelagic doors flown off the seabed.

This DS-XXX-W sounder is there to provide rapid, accurate information, allowing the skipper to be sure of the clearance between the door shoes and the seabed and to maintain a steady distance.

This sounder is multi-function, single-frequency that includes depth, height and temperature indicators as standard. In addition to its prime function of checking the seabed distance, it functions as a down sounder to show fishing passing underneath towards the trawl, complementing codend sensors and codend sounders.

This makes it possible to estimate volumes of fish as they appear at the front of the gear. It has a full echogram presentation in addition to simple digital clearance readout, with all functions accessible simultaneously.

Offered in high resolution narrow band with rapid updates, it has a battery life that typically reaches 60 hours with the standard 8-12 hour charge, while a 3.5 fast charge option is also available and low power settings can be selected to prolong battery life.

Technical Specifications

Uplink Frequency 30 to 60 kHz
Uplink Beamwidth 70o (-3dB)
Range to Vessel 2500m
Working Depth 1600m
Pitch & Roll (Angle) ±90o
Optional Pitch & Roll Resolution 0.1m
Sounder Range (Programmable) 5-160m
Sounder Broadband Frequency Broadband

120-210 kHz

Standard Configuration

165 kHz

Update Rate 3-8 sec
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Battery Life Up to 60 hours
Charging Time Standard: 8-12 hours

Fast Charge: 3.5 hours

Weight in Air 3.9 kg
Weight in Water 0.8 kg
Warranty 2 years (Sensor & Battery)