The Dredge Explorer is designed specifically for fisheries using clam or scallop dredges

The Dredge Explorer is a new application for a fishing gear sensor that draws on much of the technology and expertise Marport has in developing systems for trawl gears. Designed specifically for fisheries using clam or scallop dredges, the Dredge Explorer provides the skipper with a range of information on the gear’s position and performance that was previously unavailable.

The Dredge Explorer sensor is located on top of the dredge and relays pitch and roll information in real time. The pitch angle tells the skipper if the dredge is lying at the optimal angle, or if it is positioned in such a way that the ideal harvesting angle is not being achieved. Based on this, the skipper can opt to adjust towing speed or warp length to align the gear properly.

In the other axis, the roll angle provides an immediate alert if the dredge rolls over while towing.

A depth function relays the dredge’s height over the seabed, with a real-time echogram. This tells the skipper instantly if the gear leaves the ground, providing an opportunity to adjust speed or warp to get the dredge back to its optimal fishing position without losing fishing time.

The Dredge Explorer is installed on the dredge and can provide the operator with information that will increase efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Uplink Frequency 30 to 60 kHz
Uplink Beamwidth 70o
Range to Vessel 2500m
Depth Range 1600m
Pitch & Roll (Angle) ±90o
Pitch & Roll (Accuracy) 0.1o
Depth Resolution 0.1m with 0.1% accuracy
Update Rate 1-5 sec
Sounder Range (Programmable) 5-160m
Sounder Broadband Frequency 120 to 210 kHz
Temp Measurement Range -5oC to +25oC
Temp Accuracy ±0.1oC
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Battery Life Up to 30 hours
Charging Time Standard: 8-12 hours

Fast Charge: 4 hours

Weight in Air 5.0 kg
Weight in Water 0.9 kg
Warranty 2 years (Sensor & Battery)