Marport’s Trawl Explorer is your eye on the fishing gear

Marport’s Trawl Explorer is your eye on the fishing gear, a sounder with a heavyweight suite of capabilities placed on your trawl’s headline sending a wealth of information to the wheelhouse. This starts with an echogram of the trawl opening and fish passing into the gear, as well as depth, temperature and distance to the seabed or footrope, plus a visual representation of the footrope to seabed clearance if the gear is towed off the bottom.

The Trawl Explorer has a host of features for a variety of operating modes, and is a dual frequency unit. This allows the beamwidth to be selected from wide to narrow along with the most suitable of several sounding modes to suit the conditions.

Additional options are for a pitch and roll function to provide a realistic presentation of the gear’s behavior while trawling, and the Trawl Explorer can be fully programmed on board. Fully comparable with Furuno’s CN-24 series displays, it can be a direct replacement for a CN-24 headline sounder.

Technical Specifications

Uplink Frequency 30 to 60 kHz
Uplink Beamwidth 70o
Range to Vessel 2500m
Depth Range 1600m
Pitch & Roll (Angle) ±90o
Pitch & Roll (Accuracy) 0.1o
Depth Resolution 0.1m with 0.1% accuracy
Update Rate Depth: 3-8 sec

Temp: 3-16 sec

Depth Range 300/600/1200/1800m
Temp Measurement Range -5oC to +25oC
Temp Accuracy ±0.1oC
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Battery Life Up to 500 hours
Charging Time Standard: 8-12 hours

Fast Charge: 4 hours

Weight in Air 16 kg
Weight in Water 4.1 kg
Warranty 2 years (Sensor & Battery)