FAR-1528 BB

‘’Excellent target detection, improved user interface, made possible with the very latest technologies’’ 

  • 25 kW output power
  • High performance Radar with Cat.2 (500-10,000GT) and 3 (<500GT) support
  • Accurately tracks other vessels with advanced Target Tracking (TT) function for collision avoidance
  • Improved sea and rain clutter suppression function
  • Improved user interface for simple and efficient operation
  • Scalable Ethernet Network System
  • High visibility monitor MU-190, MU-150HD and MU-152
  • AIS connectivity built-in, accurately track targets for increased safety
  • Displays Radar overlay on connected ECDIS
  • Customizable warning function for CPA/TCPA, Guardzone and more
  • Conforms to IEC62388 and IEC62288
  • Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) for unprecedented echo clarity
  • Fast Target TrackingTM (TT)
  • Customizable data display for efficient and simple operation