MODEL 1815

Fully Automatic Gain for Simplified Use

  • Highly visible display makes it possible for you to recognize surrounding environment at a glance
  • High sensitivity allows you to acquire other vessels, buoys and objects on the sea surface, and coasts
  • Penetrate sudden fog or compensate for poor visibility in stormy weather
  • Reliable coastline images, even in poor visibility
  • Assist sailing in the night with high-sensitivity, reliable analyzing system
  • Compact radome antenna with 4 kW transmitter output power
  • Low power consumption of 38 W at the most
  • Easy installation and intuitive operation
  • Advanced auto-adjust settings for Gain/Sea clutter/Rain clutter
  • Fast Target TrackingTM (TT)
  • True trail mode
  • True motion mode
  • True view mode
  • User-programmable function key
  • Swivel mounting bracket to adjust the angle of the display unit