The Ocean Signal SafeSea S 100 is an X-band radar transponder which complies with IMO SOLAS regulations

  • Superb battery operating life, even at low temperatures
  • Provides 12 hours operating use even after 96 hours in standby
  • User replaceable battery
  • Battery is non-hazardous for shipping purposes
  • Compact size – ideal for packing within a life raft canister
  • Supplied with telescopic pole and easy to release mounting bracket
  • Intutive operating – identical to operation of the SafeSea EPIRB-
    Reducing stress in times of emergency The SafeSea S 100 SART assists in rescue and recovery providing an enhanced target in response to radars operating in the vicinity. When switched on the S 100 remains in standby mode until automatically activated by a ship’s X-band radar. It then transmits a series of pulses which are displayed on the radar as a line of dots proving range and bearing to the emergency