GNSS-powered high accuracy compass. High precision and accurate heading of 0.25o perfect for Radar,ECDIS, AIS, Doppler Sonar and Autopilot

  • SC-130 features a Tri-sensor antenna that provides a high system accuracy for the heading of your vessel
  • Utilizes GNSS such as GPS, Galileo and GLONASS for high precision
  • Speed on 3 axis (Bow, stern and longitudinal) for safe navigating and berthing
  • Type-approved as THD, GPS and ROTI. Complying with following requirements (For Solas Vessels)
  • Easily integrated into the existing shipboard network via Ethernet
  • Rapid follow-up rate 40o/S
  • Maintenance free and no recurring cost as there are no mechanical parts
  • Super short starting time – 90 seconds
  • Easy to retrofit by using existing antenna cabling
  • Precision Pitch/Roll data in Analog and Digital formats for vessel stabilization, SONAR, etc