SCX-20 (NMEA 2000)

Amazing multi-GNSS satellite compass. Reliable accuracy in the most challenging situations

  • Perfect for NavNetTZtouch MFD, NAVpilot-300, and WASSP installations
  • Outputs accurate Time, Position, Heading, COG/SOG, ROT, Roll/Pitch/Heave 3-Axis Speed, Air Temperature and Air Pressure data
  • Unprecedented heading accuracy for Radars, Sonars, and Navigation
  • Utilizes four Multi GNSS (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo) antennas
  • 1.0 degree heading accuracy (static), 0.5 degree heading accuracy (dynamic), 0.02 knot speed accuracy
  • Lightweight antenna – only 1.0 kg!